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The weekend is here and our unique, luxury listings are ready to show! Contact us to schedule a showing for one or all of these amazing properties. Please see below. These homes are truly worthy of a quick read ūüôā



360 E Randolph Unit 3604

4 Bedroom / 3 Bath

Listed at $1,499,900





Modern Masterpiece in the heart of East Lakeshore. This 2017 renovation is a corner unit with a sprawling open floorplan. Located in a full amenity building, this residence offers every convenience with a fabulous view.



2734 N Marshfield

5 Bedroom / 4.1 Bath

Listed at $1,499,900





BRAND NEW single family residence on a tree-lined Lincoln Park street! This beautiful brick and limestone exterior home is sophisticated with incredible detail throughout. Chefs kitchen with top of the line appliances and outdoor fireplace for cozy winter entertaining.



1936 N Wilmot

6 Bedroom / 5.1 Bath

Listed at $1,690,000





Not your typical single family home. Located on a double lot in a prime Bucktown location, this unique home is one of a kind. Extra wide floor plan with soaring ceilings, a stunning spiral staircase and exposed brick. Incredible side yard and roof deck amazing for gatherings in all seasons!


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Why Your Home’s Staging is Essential


Same room with Staging
Living Room without Staging











We‚Äôre¬†asked¬†at many listing presentations, ‚ÄúWhy should I stage my home?‚Ä̬†We get it! When you‚Äôre looking to net the highest profit, the last thing you want to do is incur more costs. That said, in this case¬†the old saying of, ‚ÄúSometimes you have to spend money to make money‚ÄĚ is truer than ever.¬†Staging your home peeks¬†prospective buyers¬†interest and lets them visualize‚ÄĮthemselves living in your home. Presenting a buyer with a¬†staged¬†layout is the one of the best ways of getting them to the next step of envisioning where their own furniture would go and picturing¬†what their future¬†looks like¬†in your home.¬†¬†


When selling your home perception is everything and staging is a tool¬†that you as the¬†seller can use to have more influence.¬†Peaking imaginations¬†with an organized,¬†clean¬†home and collection of cohesive furnishings¬†not only accent the style and architecture of the dwelling, but also¬†capture a larger audience and get more potential buyers to view your home in person. The more people viewing, the better chance of receiving an offer. The quicker you come to terms,¬†the less you spend in holding costs. Seems simple enough, right? Well, as you are thinking this is an ‚Äúinvestment‚ÄĚ, so we all know that nothing is guaranteed.¬†That said,¬†here are a few stats on staging.¬†


Sell for a Higher Price: 

On average, Chicago listings that are staged sell for 4-6% higher than their non-staged competitors. An empty home can seem cold and be difficult for buyers to picture how the home could be laid out. Staging helps show the actual size of rooms and takes out the guess work. We want the buyers to imagine living in the home, not if their couch will fit in the living room. 


Sell Faster:‚ÄĮ¬†

A staged home will¬†generally sell¬†faster and receive more inquiries than a¬†comparable¬†home that is not staged.¬†Buyers are generally viewing many homes and the more memorable your home is the better.¬†When a buyer¬†exits your home with a brochure filled with¬†beautiful photos¬†of your home, it is easier for them to recall it after viewing 10 other homes.¬†Purchasing a home is based largely on ‚Äúthe feels‚ÄĚ and staging can set the scene for those.¬†¬†


Cost of Staging:‚ÄĮ¬†

The cost of staging your home is typically negligible to the price increase you yield for selling your home staged. Typical staging packages start as low as $2500 depending on the size of your home. While holding costs for every seller vary, staging to begin with takes out the guess work on multiple levels and eliminates an extended listing time should your home not sell and you decide a stage must happen later.  


Simply put,¬†using a professional¬†staging¬†company¬†highlights the layout of your¬†home¬†and adds a designer feel for a nominal price.¬†No home is 100% perfect. However, staging helps to enhance the wonderful aspects and put a little lipstick on the funky parts. In these instances, things that we initially¬†view as needing a¬†bit of camouflaging, can turn into a charming addition.¬†Our¬†goal as¬†your¬†realtor¬†is to give you not only the best advice, but amazing resources as well. Sometimes a home needs nothing¬†more than¬†a bit of¬†decluttering and rearranging, in other instances¬†a full stage in the best choice.¬†We‚Äôre here to walk through your home and give our assessment & ideas to garner the most favorable outcome for you. The Dowell Group¬†creates individual¬†a marketing platform¬†for each listing with the¬†objective to¬†yield more money in less time. Contact us today for an appointment at‚ÄĮ312-391-5655¬†or¬†With our expertise you¬†will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have done everything possible to procure¬†a quick and profitable¬†sale for your most¬†valuable asset!¬†


Chicago Market Analysis: May-August























The Chicago real estate market has experienced historic numbers this summer, so it’s no surprise that listing prices and sales figures have risen. In comparison to last year, the median sale price in the Lincoln Park, West Loop, and Lakeview neighborhoods have all increased 6% or more. For sellers, May-August in the Windy City has been quite fortuitous almost across the board.

Entering the summer market, the buzz around the city was that inventory was low. However, in all these areas the numbers tell a different story. All five neighborhoods included in this study (Lakeview, Lincoln Park, West Loop, Bucktown, and Downtown) saw 6.8% or more in new listings than the same time last year! Downtown leading the way with a 13.6% increase. While these figures are great for prospective buyers, it’s important to consult an agent and exam the stats of your area if you are a seller. Overflow of inventory does have the potential to affect median sales figures. The analysis of Downtown is an example of how a larger number of listings could possibly decrease sale prices. 

Overall, this summer market 2017 was strong with very limited stagnation that allowed prices to stay steady and/or increase in the majority of areas. As real estate professionals, we daily see how the market ebbs and flows, which makes us an excellent resource to our clients. If you’re considering selling your home or would like to learn more about the status of your neighborhood market and home value, please contact The Dowell Group today for a free comparative market analysis!

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The Dowell Group is #3 in sales for our Chicago Berkshire Hathaway office…which is number #1 in the Midwest and #3 in the Nation!

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Population in Chicago dips again – But is that the whole story?


As many media outlets have shared over the last few weeks that for the second consecutive year the Chicago area leads the United States in population loss with over 19,000 residents choosing to live elsewhere. In fact, among the top 20 cities with the largest populations, Chicago was the lone city with a population deduction. Taken at face value these figures would indicate that the city isn’t thriving, but a deeper dive into the information suggests quite the opposite.


While it is true that Chicago’s overall population figure has dipped, the population density has increased. Population density, measured by the number of people within a defined unit of area. For these particular studies the neighborhoods in Chicago that were used include: Wicker Park, West Town, Lake View, Lincoln Park, Old Town, and River North amongst others. Chicago’s population density has increased by 1.2% – a figure that is the second highest of all major U.S. cities with only Seattle seeing a higher percentage. While Houston (the closest city to Chicago in terms of overall population) has seen immense overall growth, with 59,483 new residents over the past two years, the city has also seen the population density decrease at a -3.8% rate; the fourth largest decrease in the U.S.



Another reason that Chicago has seen a sizable boost in population density is that fact that many major corporations have moved into the city. Major corporations such as McDonald’s, Agricultural Manufacturing giant Caterpillar, Dyson Electronics, spirit manufacturer Beam, and¬†First Midwest Bank are just a few of the corporations that have¬†announced moving their headquarters to the city of Chicago. These moves are responsible for 1,000’s of high paying jobs and residents that will be investing into the city’s real estate market.


Yes, the overall population in Chicago is dipping but overall the downtown and surrounding areas are growing at a rate only matched by one other city in the United States. So while the dip is something to monitor in the long term, it’s just that. There is no reason for Real Estate owners to panic.