Having a pro by your side can make all the difference – Benefits of purchasing with a Realtor

Buying a home is expensive and most likely the largest purchase most people will ever make, so it makes sense that our natural inclination is to cut corners wherever possible. Today, with the explosion of websites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com, there is an influx of information. But is it valid and useful?

First thing to know is the commission for the buyer’s Realtor is paid for by the seller. As the buyer, you are employing an experienced agent at no cost to guide you through the process, reduce stress and hopefully save you a lot of money. The 1-2.5% a buyer stands to possibly re-coup by representing themselves or employing a discount Realty group, they could likely make up with the knowledge and negotiation skills of an experienced Realtor. This coupled with all the other perks a professional advocate provides, make hiring an experienced professional an excellent option for all buyers.

As your Realtor, they have a fiduciary responsibility to you at all times. Listed below is a breakdown of some of the many services agents provide their clients during a transaction:

Explain Agency
Explain Closing Costs
Provide Needs Analysis
Discuss Attorney Role
Setup Property Search
Refine List of Properties
Conduct Due Diligence
Explain Contracts and Disclosures
Discuss Market Conditions
Revisit Needs Analysis
Prepare CMA for Preferred Property
Review Closing Process

Discuss Market Protocols
Outline Counter Offer Strategies
Outline Negotiation Strategies
Review Seller Disclosures
Present Counter Offer Positions
Oversee Home Inspection Negotiation
Review Market Analysis
Set Price Limit
Prepare Offer
Present Offer
Negotiate Contract Terms
Oversee Home Inspection Negotiation

Follow-up on Due Diligence
Review Negotiation Issues with Attorney
Follow-up on Contract Contingencies
Facilitate Final Walk-Through
Coordinate Home Inspection
Oversee Home Inspection
Oversee Attorney Communication
Oversee Inspection Repairs
Provide Purchase Agreement to Attorney
Follow-up with Mortgage Originator
Review Closing Costs
Attend Closing
Manage Closing Details

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or on your third purchase, without proper guidance buying a home can be a time-consuming and confusing process. Your Realtor is there to keep you on track and help you focus on the next step while keeping in mind the big picture. The reality is that much like the stock market, real estate is an active, ever-changing market that fluctuates based on the economy, season and a host of other factors. These circumstances are why it is essential to consult with a full-time agent who has their pulse on the market and can educate you on future developments and changes in area neighborhoods. This insight and knowledge assists greatly in procuring great opportunities to help clients find the best home for their lifestyle.

For more information about the purchasing process or to sit down for a buyer’s presentation, please contact us at ddowell@thedowellgroupre.com or give us ring at 312-391-5655. We are happy to explain the process step-by-step! To check out a little more information about The Dowell Group, see below for links to our Zillow reviews, Facebook & Instagram.




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